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Raw Almond Mylk

Raw Almond Mylk
Harga : IDR 25.000 / bottle

One of the featured sportyjuice products raw almond mylk. This product is produced with the basic ingredients of almonds mixed with mineral water, juice of dates, honey, vanilla beans, and flavorings.
Sportyjuice producing these product with different variants, including vanilla, cacao, strawberry, matcha green tea and plain.

The benefits include:

  • As milk booster. Suitable for mothers who are breast-feeding, almond milk can stimulate breast milk to produce more
  • Reducing cholesterol
  • Preventing cancer because it contains flavonoids
  • Contains vitamin E
  • It is suitable for those who are dieting because of low fat and calories
  • Contains some minerals (calcium, zinc, iron, potassium)
  • Good for the growth of bones and teeth