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Detox Juice Program

Detox Juice Program
Harga : IDR 480.000 / package

Juice detox program is a program of cleaning the body by drinking juice in 3 days, daily consumption of 6 bottles. The juice detox program can be done before or after diet plan.
During the detox program, customers could eat as regular but avoid meat, milk, eggs, and fish. Consumption of fruit and vegetables as usual and avoid MSG.

Detox functions:

  •      Helps the body's metabolism, helping to increase the production of red blood cells, helps increase energy.
  •      Brighten the skin, the skin will look cleaner and healthier.
  •      refreshing body
  •      Lose weight, can be dropped 2 kilos
  •      Rid the body of free radicals and toxins
  •      Remove toxins and MSG that has consumed