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About Us


In developing its business, Sportyjuice guided by two things, first to socialize healthy lifestyle for the peoples of Indonesia and second to producing healthy food.

Enlarge, maintain, and strengthen the company's position as a pioneer and leader in the domestic market healthy culinary industry in Indonesia.

Being a leading manufacturer of healthy food at competitive prices and to help people live healthier in Indonesia.

Company Overview

Establishment of the Company
Sportyjuice Indonesia established in March 2014 on the initiative ms. Andhini Rosiarini, a health observer who concerned for foods in Indonesia which are available in shops or fast food restaurants that are not healthy.

As we know that most Indonesian local food produced with ingredients that can lead to high cholesterol. Until now, Cholesterol is still blamed by some health experts to be the cause of several dangerous diseases.

Departing from this view, SportyJuice build its business as a provider of healthy foods and beverages, its mission is quite simple "we born to make people healthy".

Business development
Sportyjuice established as a manufacturer of almonds milk. This business grow up through the delivery of online and participate in several events in Yogyakarta.

Then in mid-2015 the company developed its business as a manufacturer of organic fruit and vegetable juice using machine pressed juice and produces healthy food in the form of catering. This time for a special food diet, known as "mayo diet catering".
In 2016, the company returned to a breakthrough production of healthy food, Sportyjuice launch a new products for diet known as "paleo diet catering", this make customers freely choose the desired diet products.
Until now, customers Sportyjuice already more than 1000 people.

Cooperation with Organic Fruit & Vegetable Supplier
In conducting its business, Sportyjuice working with several suppliers of organic fruit and vegetables to reflect on the mission Sportyjuice who produces healthy food.
Prior to cooperate, Sportyjuice has conducted surveys and test research on fruits and vegetables that will be consumed. Survey aims for fruit and vegetables produced by suppliers truly organic, research conducted so that more and more convinced that fruit and vegetables are free of hazardous materials.

The distribution network covers in Yogyakarta and surrounding areas, this distribution activities conducted by online delivery and providing products in some modern market in Yogyakarta.

Why online?
We need to know that until today more than half of Indonesia peoples carry out their activities with the Internet. Growing network as well and easy access to the Internet becomes the main reason Sportyjuice choose this path.